Selling becomes easy when others vouch for your products or services.

Smart business owners understand that the most persuasive promotion is the sales message of a
genuinely satisfied customer. Word of mouth is still the best form of advertising there is…and since your
testimony of your own product or service may not be so credible because you do have the incentive to
sell yourself, then testimonials of genuinely satisfied users of your product or service is extremely

1. Help you to build trust and credibility with social proof. Social proof is one of the most powerful
persuasion tools you have as a business.
2. Give your clients room to tell their experience with your brand. If good, it validates the credibility of
your product or service…you know you are doing something right and you can even improve on it. And if
possible, it gives you room to find out what you can do better.
3. Overcome objections and answer questions in the minds of your prospects with the testimony of
satisfied customers.
Most often, buyers rely on emotions not logic, to make purchasing decisions. Emotions are even better
in tune when we see others having made same purchasing decisions especially if we know, like and trust

So, how do you maximise the benefits of a testimonial for social proof of your business and to atrract
more business? How do you get testimonials that convince prospects and convert them faster?
First, what makes a high-converting testimonial?
Remember how Testimony Time; always lightens up your spirit in church? We love to hear testimonies
because they validate our trust in God and strengthen our faith in His ability and might when we see
Him in action. We especially love testimonies that are particular, that tell of a definite act of God and
exhorts the miraculous. You almost always will scoff at ‘I testify of God’s goodness, mercy, grace,
faithfulness. He is good, kind, merciful, wonderful…’ but will jump off your seat at “…after anointing her
with the oil and praying, my daughter who had been dead for 30 minutes suddenly sneezed and was
revived to life.”

Okay, back to sales…
A high converting testimonial:
i. Tells a story that demonstrates benefit(s).
ii. States how a particular problem was solved or how a particular change was made.
iii. Overcomes possible objections in the minds of prospects.
So, how do you write a story-based testimonial?

-Describe a problem.
-Explain the breakthrough.
-Tell how it feels to have the problem solved.
-Ensure your client is the hero of the story and you are the guide or mentor or your product is their tool.
Clients are always be happy to give their testimonials of delightful service or product experience. But
they may not give it if you don't ask. So, ask. But rather than ask them to write whatever comes to their
mind, guide them on how to write an effective testimonial by asking them:
1. Why they hired you or why they bought your product 2. What was the problem they were struggling
with before you 3. How you (or your product) have helped them to overcome the problem 4. What
impact your work (or product) has had on them.
You can then draw up a testimonial from their answers or ask them to do so while you only make some
edits. Be careful though, do not edit out their voice. Just help them say what they feel in fewer and more
emotional words.
This can be time-consuming and tasking but trust me, the benefits are always worth the efforts.
However, you can consider contracting the task to a Copy Writer, Editor or Virtual Assistant. Words are
their forte and they have just the time you may not be able to spare.
Whether you are doing this yourself or hiring someone to get it done, it is important to:
1. Avoid sugary testimonials. Cut sugary praise-singing of your product, service or brand.
2. Be specific, focus on details.
3. Prove your value through your customers' experiences and leverage on that for stressless referrals
and multiple conversion.
Here are some examples to further help you:
1. Sugary words: Nelson is a great coach. He is very kind and helpful. I will recommend him any day,
Better: Nelson is an amazing coach. He treats his clients with kindness. Being with him has helped me to
overcome the limiting mindsets &habits that I used to struggle with. I highly recommend him.
Much better: At first, I didn't want to hire Nelson, his rates are high and he seems a little strong-headed.
But working with him has helped me to gain clarity about my past and to focus on opportunities that I
can maximise to record more growth in my business. He doesn't stop until he gets his desired results,
and he has helped me to start doing the same.
2. Sugary: Money Bliss is a wonderful book. It is very amazing and I love it.
Good: Money Bliss is the most simple-to- read book I have read on Personal Finance. It is very nice,
everybody should read it.

Much better: I enjoyed reading Money Bliss. In it, Nelson simplifies Personal Finance and teaches
practical strategies that readers can put to use immediately. I love that it's helpful for both
entrepreneurs and corporate employees.
Now you know that testimonials are powerful tools to get your prospects to become buyers and buyers
again. Include them on your homepage, about page, service and product pages, sales emails, social
media profiles, etc.
Better still, you can rake in the benefits of testimonials on a whole higher level by combining them with
videos. You will learn more about this in a subsequent post.
Support your marketing strategies with real-life examples that testimonials. Position them strategically
and enhance them with visuals (images and videos) to maximise their high-conversion benefits.