“Start by doing what is necessary; then do what is possible; and suddenly, you are doing the
-Francis of Assisi

This is true for doing LIVE videos as it is for anything worth doing.
Live videos can take your (and your business’s) visibility and engagement on social media to a
whole new level. Videos generally double text and images in benefits. Live streaming delivers
these benefits to almost anyone with a Facebook, Instagram or Periscope account.

Knowing this fact is easy but then comes the ‘doing’ part.

Does the thought of going live scare you? Do you tremble at the thought of going live in the
face of numerous people, most of whom you don’t know? Has the fear of many ‘what-ifs’ held
you back from doing live videos?

First, why should you even consider using live videos for tutorials, announcement, sharing
motivation/insights, promotions, interviews, etc.?
°Live streaming is still new and not overcrowded yet. But it will soon be. So, if you need to
reach a wider audience, you should do it now.
°Live videos are cheap to make, you only need your smartphone or PC, a good internet or Wifi
connection and your pretty or handsome face. A lapel or tabletop mic will be good too but no
worries if you don’t have one (I’ll share a quick hack on this later in the post).
°You reach a wider audience and target your niche audience better with specific content.
°You can get real-time engagement rather worrying about who sees or does not see your
°You can share rich content which you can repurpose for later.

It is enough to know all these. Until you get on the act, you can not get any of the
benefits.These simple and practical tips will help you with that quick:

1. Learn.
Knowledge is a confidence-booster. It pushes you from “I want to” to “I can”. Not confident
about pulling off a good show? Learn about the show first. Don’t be taken in with other
people’s claims about live videos being technical and difficult to set up. Find out for yourself;
learn the tips and tricks, strategies and methods. Google is indeed your friend, just ask.
You can also consider webinars/tutorials from

2. Watch

Next time someone you follow or respect or admire on social media goes live, don’t scroll past,
watch. Watch and see how they do things, what they say and how they say it. There is indeed a
lot to learn by example and these are real-life examples.
Now, you are not just watching to hear what they have to say but to learn the very act of saying
it. Take notes and compare with what you learnt in your research. Engage with them; ask them
questions and pay attention to how they engage you and other viewers.

3. Plan.
Like every other great thing in life, live streaming requires proper planning. Of course, you
won’t go live except you have something to say, but how will you say it?
Plan your content ahead. First, choose your topic, the purpose and focus of the video. Then,
write down bullet points of what you intend to share.
This will keep you in line so, you don’t veer off and rant and rant. It also helps your confidence
to be prepared. You know what your message is, how best to share it, what emotion and facial
expression can drive your point home; sad, angry or happy, etc.

4. Announce.
Let the word out about your going live ahead before you do. Do it close to the time, you don’t
want to keep your audience waiting for too long, do you? Doing this will help to increase the
number of people who will see when you eventually go live.
It will also keep you accountable. The word is out already, so, you’ll do your best to show up.
This will help in those moments of the doubt just before you go live.

5. Look good.
Looking good always has a way of boosting our confidence. Now, should you get a new haircut
or hairdo and new clothes for a live video? Maybe, if you think you need to. But make sure you
look great and wear a smile.
However, when your live streaming is kinda spontaneous like coming on something valuable
while taking a walk and you want to share, run your hands through your hair to straighten it and have
a smile in place. It really helps when you’re not worrying about your looks while at it.

6. Just do it!
Take these tips and everything else you have learnt on live videos and then take a page from
Nike’s book…just do it!
Don’t wait till you have some techy equipment before you start. Like I mentioned earlier, you
basically need your smartphone or PC, a strong internet or WIFI connection and your face. If you
are bothered about having good audio but don’t have a mic yet, you can use your headphones.
Plug your headphones into the mic jack on your computer and speak into the ear-plugs.

7. Ask for feedback.
The first time is when it always seems difficult, once you do it, you can get better at it. So, don’t
worry about perfection, just do an excellent job and remember to have fun while at it. Towards
the end of your video, ask people about it. Is the sound good? Can they hear you clearly? Were
they able to learn and what action will they take on what they have learnt? Ask for feedback,
note them and work on them to improve. There will surely be next-times and who better help
you make a good show if not the people who watch you do it?


You must know that live videos are a powerful tool to boost your visibility and reach online, but
they are not enough on their own. With a good mix of image and text, you can increase ROI of your content marketing. So, don’t forget to maximise your other content strategies too.